Auto-vectorization of for loops results in significant performance improvement

-O3 -march=skylake-avx512 -mno-vzeroupper

Vector operations with 8 iterations

Let’s start with the following code. We are performing vector operations where the compiler knows that the code will loop 8…

Deep dive into the 5G Radio Link Control in Acknowledged Mode

  • Error correction via retransmission of lost RLC PDUs (AM)
  • Segmentation and reassembly of RLC SDUs (UM and AM)
  • Re-segmentation of RLC data PDUs…

Understand the closure generated from a lambda expression

Develop an intuitive understanding of polar codes

Eliminating the last function call and converting a recursive function into a loop based function

Declare a function to be side-effect free

A missed opportunity for optimization

Consider the following code. Here…


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